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Papeete – Cruisers information

The Marinas in Papeete are busy now. Papeete Marina does not take reservations. However, the two times we have arrived, we have found a dock space, by just motoring up. They have a crescent shaped dock out front that you can temporarily tie to, if no slips are available.

Papeete marina is located across a busy street with tons of stores and restaurants on the other side. The big open air marketplace building with veggies, crafts, local foods is also nearby. (It has a great farmers market early on Sunday mornings, located outside the marketplace, on the far side from the marina.) There are a couple good supermarkets within walking distance. A Champion grocery store is about a 15 minute walk (good produce selection, we even found organic apples, very crunchy and yummy!). There is also a Carefour about an 1/2 hour walk or you can arrange a free taxi at visitors center (near the ferry landing). The Carefour markets are like a super-grocery store, with food, household, sporting goods….

There is an awesome waterfront park on one side of Marina Papeete and on the other side towards the ferry landing, about 10 food trucks set up for dinner. There are also lots of different marine, electronic and other stores within walking distance. Dick and others really like the Ocean 2000 marine store.

The marina has good internet for laptops in the lounge area. We were able do do basic internet tasks such as email and search the web. Ipad & Iphones auto-disconnect in a couple minutes (supposedly they are working on this). As a go around we discovered that you can hot spot your laptop and connect your I-devices. We also bought a vini spot card and we had good internet sitting on the boat in the marina.

We discovered an IridiumGo connectivity issue on the inside slips in Papeete marina. Another couple sailboats had a similar issue. When we were connected to our external antenna we did not have a signal. However, when we disconnected from antenna and set the IridiumGo up on deck, we had a connection and were able to send emails and SMS messages. Now that we are away from the marina, everything is working well.

We’ve heard good things about Marina Taina, (reservations may be possible). It’s a big marina, with super yachts on the dock. The internet is rumored to be pretty good. It has a excellent chandlery and a marine retail store on the property. There is also an anchorage outside the marina, and a dingy dock! Supposedly the biggest grocery store, another Carefour is nearby.

2018 rates at marina Papeete for a 14 M boat: high season (Apr 1-Oct 31); less than 6 night stay, 5012 XPF per night; one week stay (7 nights), 27337 per week, all additional nights after 1 week, 4556 per night; for one month (4 weeks), 109348 per month.

Low season (Nov 1 to Mar 31); less than 6 night stay, 1993 XPF per night; one week stay (7 nights), 11390 per week, all additional nights after 1 week, 1898 per night; for one month (4 weeks), 45562 per month. Water and electricity is separate, but rates super reasonable. We heard that it is not a safe marina for cyclone season.

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