Adventures of Maia | Raiatea & Taha’a, French Polynesia
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Raiatea & Taha’a, French Polynesia

We enjoyed our short stay in Raiatea and Taha’a. Friday morning (July 27) after a rain and wind squall passed over and gave Maia a nice bath, we motored down to the fuel dock in Raiatea. It was a little busy, so we motored around in circles for about 10 minutes before pulling in. Sailing Vessel (sv) Abundance, Yvonne and David helped tie us up to dock. They were fueling and filling water before moving to the adjacent city dock. After a quick and easy duty-free fueling session, we also moved over to the City dock. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Yvonne and David (spontaneity can be an awesome thing) before our final grocery shop in the Champion market (located directly across the street from the dock). We wanted to pick up a few more veggies (they had awesome SWEET carrots, beets) and good chocolate (Carefour brand 70% cacao).

As by now it was 1530, we quickly motored to Taha’a near the “Coral Garden”, anchoring just before Sunset. As we did not have a clear view of the sun setting, we quickly hopped in the dingy and motored over for a clear view of Bora Bora and our final sunset (and green flash!) in French Polynesia :(. Dingying back we noticed we were anchored next to sv “Umnyama” (rainbow in South African) we said hi and were invited up for a drink with Monique and Dick.

Our final morning in French Polyenesia, we readied Maia for our journey to the Cook Islands. We went to the “Coral Gardens” and enjoyed floating superman style in the drift, admiring the fish and occasional beautiful coral. There was such a strong current it was hard to swim upstream. (I enjoyed a swimming workout trying :).

Back to Maia for a 12:30 departure. As we headed toward passe Paipai Dick began raising the main, as it neared the first spreader it got stuck. Looking through the binoculars it was easy to see we had a problem, so Dick brought it back down. We had a 8″ rip in the mainsail luff tape at the peak! Out came the sail repair tape and hand sewing gear. Once I had stitched on the sail repair tape patch, adjacent to the luff, we decided pull the Sailrite sewing machine out on deck and machine stitch on the rest of the patch. We dropped anchor in a bay near the pass through the reef. It felt good to know how to make the sail repair, thankful for lessons learned in my earlier days.

Finally at 1630 we exited Tahaa through Paipai pass, heading further West towards Suwarrow and the Cook Islands! We are out at sea again! Check out our track on the tracking page.

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